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Artistic Exploration in Courchevel: Jiménez Deredia at the Summit of Sensations”


Courchevel, an iconic winter sports destination, transcends its magnificent slopes this season by offering an immersive artistic experience. Jiménez Deredia, the renowned artist, is honored with monumental works, transforming the resort into an open-air museum.

The Colorful Trail:

Embark on a new and vibrant trail, crafted by seasoned artists, an experience that the guides from the Pays d’art et d’histoire, in collaboration with the FACIM Foundation, invite you to explore. An easy and accessible stroll in the heart of the resort, marked by monumental sculptures by Jiménez Deredia.

Outdoor Exhibition:

Deredia’s works, exhibited outdoors, react to the elements, creating changing reflections and dynamic contours. Courchevel thus becomes an artistic summit where snow, the material of all emotions, becomes a canvas for creative expression.

Guided Tour:

Participate in a tour led by a guide from the Pays d’art et d’histoire des hautes vallées de Savoie with the FACIM Foundation. Immerse yourself in the captivating history surrounding each sculpture, enriching your artistic experience.

Practical Information:


Courchevel invites you to an exceptional artistic ascent this winter, highlighting the captivating work of Jiménez Deredia. Don’t miss this opportunity to merge winter sports sensations with artistic expression. Join us for an experience where creativity and the majesty of the Alps harmoniously collide.

Note: Practical information may be adjusted based on needs and updates.

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